Chemical-Resistant Epoxy Flooring & High-Performance Lining Systems

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Chemical-Resistant Epoxy Flooring & High-Performance Lining Systems

Embark on a journey of excellence with Stonchem, where a century of mastery converges with cutting-edge innovation to craft secondary containment solutions that redefine durability and protection in the harshest environments. With an unwavering commitment to safety and longevity, Stonchem stands as the preferred choice across diverse industries, including mining, mineral processing, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and food and beverage.


Unrivaled Expertise in Advanced Resin Chemistries

We take pride in our advanced resin chemistries that set the industry standard for safeguarding against the most hazardous chemicals. Our cutting-edge lining systems create an impervious barrier, fortifying defences against corrosive agents such as concentrated organic and inorganic acids. From Sulphuric Acid and Nitric Acid to Sodium Hydroxide, Stonchem solutions stand resilient against formidable chemicals, ensuring unparalleled safety for your operations.


Reliability and Longevity Redefined

Stonchem is synonymous with reliability and longevity. Our secondary containment linings are engineered to endure, setting the benchmark for performance in even the most demanding scenarios. We provide turnkey project solutions that encompass every stage of your project, from initial product recommendations to the final walkthrough. Our seasoned linings experts collaborate seamlessly with our Architectural, Design, & Engineering Team and our dedicated Construction Management Group, ensuring that your project receives comprehensive protection and unparalleled expertise.


Trusted Partners in Safety and Innovation

Trust in Stonchem, where expertise meets innovation for the success of your project. Our commitment to delivering excellence at every stage is reflected in our comprehensive solutions and unmatched dedication to safety. Explore our diverse range of polymer solutions, secondary containment linings, and turnkey project solutions, and discover how Stonchem can redefine the safety of your industrial operations.


Safeguard your future with Stonchem – the cornerstone of protection in secondary containment. Partner with us, and let's elevate your project to unprecedented heights.

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Select a System:

Linings formulated using polyurea-polyurethane hybrid technology; produces a tough, flexible protective film.

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